Intelligent Customer Experience Management

feedTRACK tells you what your customers think of you. It delivers insight that enables you to change your positioning and outreach in real time to attract new clients while keeping current clients happy.


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Get instant feedback

feedTRACK closes the gap between customer analysis and effective action. It automates feedback collection at key interactions and sends the results to the right decision makers in real time. Whether you have 100 customers or 10 million, it arms you with essential information for pleasing them.

feedTRACK - zpětná vazba od zákazníků

Drive satisfaction and loyalty

An unhappy customer will tell seven more people about their experience than a happy one will. So knowing their mood is crucial. Our ready-made solutions let you assess customer attitudes in real-time so you can please them and gain competitive advantage.

feedTRACK - spokojenost a loajalita zákazníků

Do NPS the right way

Your net promoter score (NPS) reveals whether people will recommend you to friends and family. It is therefore crucial to get it right and to the right person. We make both easy. We also let you see comments that can identify moments of truth.

feedTRACK - NPS meření

Evaluate employees

Have your customers advise you on who to reward and who needs more training. Our post-interaction assessment tools tell you what went right and what needs to change. They can also identify the frontline workers who earned their bonuses.

feedTRACK - Hodnocení zaměstnanců

Cultivate leads

Find out what people think of your value proposition and how it compares to the competition. Then find out what they will buy next. Our unobtrusive methods inform sales of customer intent so they can pick the right approach.

feedTRACK - Využití obchodního potenciálu

Engage with customers

feedTRACK has become an important channel for customer communication for our clients
You show you care when you listen. And it gives you information for improving products and services, building loyalty, and selling more.


Bigger bonuses won’t lower staff turnover on its own
Positive motivation can work miracles. So show staff they have an impact. Share customer praise with them. Let them know they are valuable and you will strengthen their loyalty. Moreover, customers will love the positivity.


We help you stop customers from silently leaving
Our broad yet subtle approach identifies why customers are unhappy yet never say so, letting you take action to win back business and keep it. It can also tell you why others left and may not return.

Stop the calling and save

We’ve already helped many clients save money and customers by reducing call volume
Welcome calls, survey calls, retention calls — they are costly but deliver poor results. We’ve got better methods that tap into how people use technology to communicate.

Imagine you can see your customers’ thoughts

And name their desires. Before anyone else. Then use the knowledge to sell more.
That’s feedTRACK

Instant feedback after visiting a branch

feedTRACK allows our bank to respond quickly to clients, as it notifies us about potential problems shortly after an interaction. We use the information to motivate our advisors.

We have a continuous view of our contact with clients and how satisfied they are. This has been remunerative. We have been nicely surprised by the rising client response rate, which is up to 30%. The system delivers these large numbers without any problems.

We also like the actionability and deep commitment of the team. Everything was implemented in a short time; they respond quickly and flexibly to our requirements, helping us introduce new functionalities as needed.

I recommend the feedTRACK system; it can be an important part of managing customer experience.

Tomáš Míka
CX management

Improved experience and fewer returned goods

We were looking for ways to reduce the cost of welcome calls from the call center while also improving the effectiveness of collecting customer feedback. FeedTRACK proved to be the tool we needed. Its 30% response rate and online reporting are much better than traditional approaches. And it can capture feedback from customers who don’t usually answer polls.

FeedTRACK allows us to quickly identify and address specific issues and thus improve the customer experience. In addition, we have been able to significantly reduce the number of returns of purchased products by identifying and eliminating the causes. The feedTRACK team has repeatedly guided us on how to best address our customers, find innovative uses of the tool, and fine tune questionnaires and reporting.

We use the data to help ensure the quality of our customer service. The data also help in negotiations both within our company and with our suppliers, as we can generate data-based arguments to make our case.

Jan Resler
Customer Experience Expert

Satisfaction of clients after returning from vacation

We have been cooperating with the feedTRACK team for seven years. Together we prepare questionnaires for our clients to determine what people loved about their vacations, if their expectations were met, and what might have been missing in the package they purchased. Based on the results, we prepare offers for the next holiday season, removing and correcting shortcomings.

Working with the feedTRACK team has helped us improve communications with clients and prepare products that elicit greater customer satisfaction. This is very important for CK SATUR; and thanks to our long-standing cooperation with the feedTRACK team, we have made things significantly better.

I consider the agency to be innovative and flexible, always adaptable to our requirements.

Eleonora Fedorová
company director

Adventure holiday evaluations

After a 2017 pilot was well received by our customers, we undertook a full implementation in 2018. At 62%, the customer involvement and response rate has been very high while also saving us a lot of time and paper.

In addition to evaluating our guides, transportation, accommodation, and tour programs, customers can add observations and suggestions for improvement. Our personnel work with the feedback on a daily basis to solve problems and improve service as the season progresses. The feedTRACK team is very helpful when it comes to fine tuning processes and questionnaires.

Cooperation with feedTRACK team has saved us a lot of time and has made our services more client focused.

Dana Žaludová
customer care


We’ve taken our extensive experience and re-engineered it into a unique, cutting-edge tool that’s easy to use and looks great. Innovation is in our DNA.

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    Simple setup and operation

    Setup is easy and fast. And we take care of all the data collection, processing, and feedback — so you can focus on what’s important: improving your customers’ experience.

  • High customer response rate

    We are constantly improving the methods we use to reach customers. Thanks to that, we have a high response rate.

  • Wide choice of features and flexibility

    feedTRACK’s API options and comprehensive toolset means you can customize it to suit your needs and systems.

  • Practical tools for follow-up

    Data collection is just the beginning. feedTRACK can also deliver real-time customer feedback to staff so you can start managing and improving your customers' experiences right away.

  • Experience and innovation

    Our project team has years of experience — and they are never satisfied. They continually refine feedTRACK to stay ahead of the demanding requirements of current systems.

feedTRACK - forma a design

Enticing design

Our battle-tested UIs ensure meaningful interaction with customers that will help strengthen your brand.

feedTRACK - přehledný reporting

Relevant reports

Our reports give people in your organization exactly what they need to take action. We can customize data and insight delivery based on the specifics of any project to suit your business and tactical goals.


We can configure feedTRACK for the most demanding clients.

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    We match your company’s brand style

    Your colors, your domains, your corporate style — we put it all into your solution.

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    Language and location

    Because it can be easily localized, feedTRACK is ideal for international projects.

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    Easy to connect with your systems

    If there is a system that cannot be integrated with feedTRACK, we have yet to find it.

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    Security first

    We strictly adhere to GDPR and the ISO 27001 standard and have repeatedly earned the trust of companies large and small.

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    1,000 customers? No problem. 10 million customers? Also no problem. Our state-of-the-art technology lets us handle pretty much any data load.

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    IT development

    feedTRACK keeps pace with the latest trends and is constantly evolving. Our agile team can adopt it to your system and business requirements in any way you like.

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    There’s a reason we achieve high response rates. We know when to send emails, how to monitor delivery, and how to verify legitimacy.

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